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(PDF Download) Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home: Using Feng Shui to Disarm Illness

Take it further with some of her many books on diet, oracle readings, space clearing, and dream interpretation. Linn's is a really useful book for anyone who studies and applies spiritual energy principles. The book is a compendium of principles, remedies, and practical applications. It is not a modern feng shui primer -- Brown uses the eight trigrams classic feng shui as well as the five elements and real-life examples of how shifting energy delivers results in relationships, prosperity, career, and more.

This is a visual reference book with a lot of information a good list of remedies -- a practical resource best used by someone familiar with feng shui or someone looking to define aspects of feng shui in preparation for engaging a feng shui expert.

Feng shui for your home and your head is found in this book. Laura Benko adapts her exhaustive studies of energy healing to a modern feng shui method to change body, mind and spirit. Benko, a highly regarded modern feng shui consultant, lifestyle coach, magazine writer, and lecturer, covers:.

Feng Shui for Your Health and Vitality

The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space offers practical actions, tips and real-life client stories to help you transform the energy in your home, and your life. Lillian Too is synonymous with feng shui.

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  • Variational Methods Applied to Problems of Diffusion and Reaction.

The former businesswoman and wildly successful feng shui entrepreneur has published a library of books, like Feng Shui in the Home , about various aspects of feng shui and how to apply them. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui is an illustrated cram course in using the principles and remedies for greater health, wealth, and happiness.

Feng Shui and Health : The Anatomy of a Home by Nancy SantoPietro (2002, Paperback)

This is a big fat book about how feng shui can reveal and help to heal illness by realigning the energy flow in your environment. Check your own decor and furniture placement to see how you recreate unhealthy energy patterns in your living space -- and then use this guide to fix them. Scour your local bookstore or library, or scan the eBook offerings online for feng shui tomes tailored to your needs and style. Some of those books will speak directly to you and help you to move mountains, make miracles, and get that positive chi working for you.

Others will answer your initial questions and lead to more questions and further study. Most give you the tools to feng shui your own space or enough background to find someone to help you do that.

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But don't just read about it. Use books as a springboard to open the free flow of beneficial energy in all the spaces around you. According to the remedies presented, people can lessen the risk of heart, circulatory and coronary disease by dealing with the spiral staircases that ''act like corkscrews boring through your home.

Like the power of prayer and other forms of what the author calls ''spiritual technology,'' feng shui may well have some value so long as one understands, the author says, that such an approach represents only one component of why we get sick. SantoPietro says.

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