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Overview From the chef, restaurant owner, and author of the critically lauded A Girl and Her Pig comes a beautiful, full-color cookbook that offers tantalizing seasonal recipes for a wide variety of vegetables, from summer standbys such as zucchini to earthy novelties like sunchokes. Table of Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction 1 Put a spring in your step 19 The humble potato 51 Top to tail 65 Satisfying salads 79 Summer, lovely summer 99 Vegetable pastas, polenta, pastries, and friends A little beast goes a long way Chilly weather treats Vegetables and cream a love affair Three vegetable juices Sauces, dressings, pickles, and friends Index Average Review.

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Most Syrian recipes Breadman's Healthy Bread. Until now, bread machine Until now, bread machine cookbooks have been full of recipes that used denatured flours, saturated fats, refined sugar, and artifical flavors. Now, at last, television's famous Breadman shows how From lifestyle and fashion icon Lauren Conrad— 1 New York Times bestselling author of Lauren Conrad Style and Lauren Conrad Beauty—comes her dazzling and essential guide to entertaining, filled with an inspiring array of lifestyle tips and personal stories and lavishly Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook.

We hung the walls with old French movie posters advertising the films of Marcel Pagnol, We hung the walls with old French movie posters advertising the films of Marcel Pagnol, films that had already provided us with both a name and an ideal: to create a community of friends, lovers, and relatives that span generations Chez Panisse Vegetables. For twenty-five years, Alice Waters and her friends at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California have dedicated themselves to the ideal of serving the finest, freshest foods with simplicity and style.

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April often treats veggies as if they were a form of meat. You just pick up that whole cauliflower and start roasting. Heat, slow and steady heat, is used to pave flavor avenues that you may not have traveled.

Girl and Her Greens, A

When you have the fortune to begin your culinary life in Great Britain, you can find yourself exposed to far more than mere Roast Beef. Her Spiced Carrots with Yogurt incorporate cardamom and Thai chiles. Whether you want to call it fusion or world-food or whatever, you will surely consider these recipes deliciously inspired.

This is unfettered food.

A Girl and Her Greens by April Bloomfield

Free range vegetables. The book has nine chapters, none of them bearing names you have seen before. Ah, that last recipe?

You thought this was just another vegetable book? Corn ice cream is, I assure you, sweet and subtle and moderately addictive. There are surprises in this book, vegetable and green ideas that will tickle your curiosity, stir your imagination, and send you to the produce section of your market. There are unexpected pleasures here: easy to prepare and easier to fall in love with.