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Magdassi Microencapsulation. Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science P. Somasundaran, Ed.

MM Colloid and Interface Science | Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science

Margulis-Goshen, A. Kamyshny, and S. Magdassi Application of surfactants in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Handbook of Detergents. Part E: Applications.

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Zoller, Ed. Nizri, S.

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Colloids will be introduced and an emphasis is made on emulsion and miniemulsion processes to fabricate colloidal particles. The mechanisms of these processes will be discussed indepth. Copolymerization and its kinetic modelling will be discussed in both homogeneous and heterogeneous polymerization systems. The basic physics of colloidal motion and colloidal stability will be discussed.

Colloid Science and some of its Industrial Applications

Nanotechnology: New Name, Old Science Particle Sciences - Technical Brief: Volume 8 PDF Version Introduction Colloidal phenomena are encountered in everyday materials polymers, plastics, and rubber, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, paper, foodstuffs, fabrics, textiles, and detergents and technologies nucleation and precipitation, liquid crystals, chromatography and ion-exchange, flotation, and heterogeneous catalysis.

Nanotechnology In , the FDA issued its Nanotechnology Task Force Report 1 in which nanotechnology is defined as the ability to measure, see, manipulate and manufacture things usually between one and nanometers. The Importance of the Colloidal State The characteristic feature of colloid science lies in the importance of: Particle size Particle shape and flexibility Surface chemical and electrical properties The particles in a colloidal dispersion are sufficiently large for a well-defined surface of separation, an interface, to exist between the particles and the medium 3.

Particle Size The particle size distribution PSD directly affects the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs and the safety of intravenous lipid emulsions. Particle Shape Particle asymmetry is a factor of considerable importance in determining the overall physico-mechanical properties of colloidal systems. Surface Charge All dispersed particles spontaneously acquire a surface electrical charge when brought into contact with a polar medium i.

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Advances in Colloid Science

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