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Here are some Bibles you can find online, in an electronic, often searchable, format. It also includes volumes on the Hebrew Bible as well as the deutero-canonicals.

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The arrangement for the entries, in most volumes of the series, consists of three divisions: scriptural citations, subject citations, and commentaries. Bibliographies for Biblical research. The entries are arranged by chapter and verse citation.

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Companions, guides and handbooks. Analytical concordance to the Bible: on an entirely new plan, containing about , references subdivided under the Hebrew and Greek originals Centre d'analyse et de documentation patristiques, Biblia patristica. I63 K51 A54 D53 W P84 E84 E84 O94 W7 O94 O O94 O93 A2 O94 O88 D Scholarly articles about the Christian Church from its inception to approximately A. Coverage from the time of Christ to the 7th century A. Brief, scholarly articles with bibliographies.

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F47 Encyclopedia of Catholicism, 2nd edition Catholic Encyclopedia Call Number: Ref. C25 N44 The edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia. The edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia. H37 Scholarly articles.

Originally published in France. G74 T7 R43 V38 L C38 A90 O9 B53 O8 O93x S22 P7 E58 H68 E52 D52 M45 E47 B56 Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development C66 P85 B46 B83 B73 U5 E86 G37 M67 L36 D84 Encyclopedia of Protestantism, 2nd edition Encyclopedia of Judaism Call Number: Ref. Encyclopedia of Judaism, 2nd edition Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls 2 volumes.

E53 Call Number: Ref. There are no entries for intelligent design theory and other more recent terms and figures one might hope to find.

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I highly recommend this book for anyone teaching or researching in Christian theology. The Thiselton Companion also serves pastors and students well , though it is a bit of a mixed bag with respect to general readers. Unlike his Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion, this volume is not especially suited for beginners in academic theology. There are some helpful features though: at the beginning of the volume, Thiselton includes a timeline of theologians from the first through twenty-first centuries; he incorporates entries on some rudimentary philosophical theories and approaches that underpin major theological traditions; and provides some helpful cross-referencing of terms.

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However, quite a few of the entries will be fairly obscure to readers not already well versed in philosophical and theological concepts and history. Jennifer G.

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Anthony C. Thiselton is professor emeritus of Christian theology at the University of Nottingham, England.

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