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Physics of unsteady cylinder-induced transitional shock wave boundary layer interactions

At the same time, in turbulent flows, turbulence production is enhanced which amplifies the viscous dissipation leading to aggravated performance losses. In addition, shock-induced separation most often results in large unsteadiness which can damage the vehicle structure or, at least, severely limit its performance.

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The article first presents basic and well-established results on the physics of SWBLI corresponding to a description in terms of an average two-dimensional steady flow. Then, some emphasis is placed on unsteadiness in SWBLI which constitutes a salient feature of this phenomenon.

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In spite of their importance, fluctuations in SWBLI have been considered since a relatively recent date although they represent a domain which deserves a special attention because of its importance for a clear physical understanding of interactions and of its practical consequences as in aeroelasticity. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Shock Waves December , Cite as.

Original Article First Online: 26 July PACS This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Lighthill M.

  • "Evaluation of Various Turbulence Models for Shock-Wave Boundary Layer " by Francis K. Acquaye.
  • Some physical aspects of shock wave/boundary layer interactions.
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Part II: supersonic flows without separation. A , — Google Scholar. Stewartson K. Coles D. Fluid Mech. Henderson L. Chapman, D. Edney, B. Zhukoski, E. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content Washington University Open Scholarship.

[] The effect of flow confinement on laminar shockwave/boundary-layer interactions

Author Francis K. Abstract Despite the modeling capabilities of current computational fluid dynamics CFD , there still exist problems and inconsistencies in simulating fluid flow in certain flow regimes. Committee Members Dr. David A.

Peters Dr. Sign In.

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Unsteadiness in shock-wave/boundary layer interactions

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Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions Cambridge Aerospace Series