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Why Jon Snow will need to kill Daenerys in Game of Thrones

It helps to harness Dom's fire magic. The guard's axe can be picked and used by Dom to fight against Bartel. It is an alternative to using the Mysterious Amulet.

Valyrian steel: who has the swords that can defeat white walkers?

This is a longbow made of Heart Oak of Thorngate. It is quite difficult to wield as it is adorned with thorns.

A Unified Theory for Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire.

It was Rowan's weapon of choice until Kenna kept it. Kailani made this weapon from the Heart Oak of Thorngate. It is a war hammer sculpted to form a dragon's head spitting out fire.

Why does Beric keep coming back?

Adder's Fang is a red and gold dagger dipped in venom that is used by The Adder of Lykos. Even a scratch from this dagger can lead to certain death. It is hard enough to crush armor, and its horns can be used to hook opponents in. This is an amulet, found in one of the books from the Great Library of Ennan, that can shield the wearer from magical attacks once. This pistol created by Whitlock emits short, concussive bursts of energy which can stun or kill the enemy, depending on the user's choice.

This is an ornate dagger wielded by the Black Asps agents.

The Epic List of 250 Legendary Swords From Mythology, Folklore, and Fiction

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